5 charities that you can get involved with, today

3rd December 2020

In the last two posts we talked about who we are and why it is important to get involved in social causes around the world. You got a sense of who we are, what makes us tick and now you know you can make a difference by getting involved, with little effort.

Today, we are going to take it one step further and mention 5 charities that definitely need our attention. There are so many amazing causes and it was hard to pick just a few to start with, but this is just the first article, part of a mini-series we are planning to HAVE up and running every week.

The causes picked by our staff today revolve around humans and their challenges but also our surrounding environment and animal protection.

HAVE a sip of your hot coffee and keep reading…

Girls not brides

According to UNICEF, each year 12 million girls are married before the age of 18.

image by www.girlsnotbrides.org

23 girls every minute, nearly 1 every second.

At a first glance, we were tempted to think this is more of a regional problem, specific to some small countries, but it is truly a global issue, spanning from the Middle East to Latin America, South Asia and Europe.

  1. ♦ Girls Not Brides features an interactive map, updated on a constant basis with data from countries around the world.
  2. ♦ Child marriage is a controversial practice, fueled by poverty, lack of access to education, cultural practices and insecurity.
  3. ♦ Being married as a child, girls around the world face huge challenges in their self-development, especially because they are not prepared for this step, physically nor emotionally, which further impacts the communities they live in.

You can read more about it by following this link.

MacMillan Cancer Support

According to Cancer Research UK, between 2015 and 2017 there were 367,000 registered cases of cancer in the UK, with an almost 50% death rate and a 38% preventable rate.

image by activelincolnshire.com

This is where MacMillan Cancer Support helps fight the battle.

The story of this charity and how it ended up to be one of the leading charities across the UK starts more than 100 years ago, when a young man named Douglas MacMillan saw his father die of cancer. His father’s pain and suffering moved him so much that he ended up founding the Society for Prevention and Relief of Cancer.

Today, the charity provides a wide range of services for people suffering from cancer starting from health care, financial information and financial support. It also looks at the social, emotional and practical impact cancer can HAVE, aiming for better cancer care.

Of course, all this would not be possible without the involvement of each one of us, through different initiatives like volunteering, donations, internships or campaigning.

You can find out more by following this link.


No. 3 on our list is, SightSavers. A charity that aims for a simple mission – a world where no one is blind from avoidable causes and people with disabilities participate equally in society.

image by dailyforexreport.com

SightSavers was established in 1950 and today it operates in more than 30 countries worldwide. Through donations, this charity distributed 1.24 billion treatments to prevent sight loss, helped 242,000 people with disabilities to integrate into the workforce and since 1950 it performed 7.7 million cataract surgeries.

All these numbers sound big, and they are true. Not that you don’t know already, but all this was possible through simple persons, like me and you, who donated on a constant basis and helped SightSavers HAVE an impact.

At the same time, HAVE pledges to donate half of the revenue to Sightsavers, helping these numbers grow. We understand that sometimes financial donations are not possible, so this is a good time to jump in, play our first game, ‘Robbie’s Piano Music Tiles Brain Trainer” are and recommend it to your friends.

You can read more about this charity by following this link.

Keep Britain Tidy

We talked about causes involving humans, which are all worthwhile to pursue, but at the same time, we want to draw attention to other things around us. The care for the surrounding environment gained a lot of exposure in the last few years with the help of Social Media.

image by keepbritaintidy.org

Environmental challenges have been around us for quite some time. As a matter of fact, Keep Britain Tidy was founded in 1954, by the National Federation of Women’s Institute.
The mission of this charity is to cut litter, end waste, improve public spaces and provide education for future generations.

At HAVE, we feel this initiative is as crucial as any other charity mentioned on this list, and our thinking is simple. We should create a better life for humans, we should cure more diseases and find new vaccines to improve our quality of life. For now, we only live on this planet and there is no other place to go – hurry up Elon Musk!! Our surroundings are incredibly crucial to us. We HAVE to pay the same amount of attention to our surroundings as we do the waste we put out every single day.

You can read more about this charity and how you can get involved with it by following this link.

World Wide Fund for Nature

Established in 1961, this charity works in the fields of wilderness conservation and the reduction of human impact on the environment. With over 5 million supporters across the world and currently operating in more than 100 countries, they have invested more than 1 billion in conservation causes around the world.

image by @pngtree on Pinterest

Their current motto is “We would all be lost without a home. Let’s protect theirs” and it delivers a powerful message to each one of us.

Watch their 2020 Christmas advert here and find out more about their mission by following this link.

This was it for today. We hope you HAVE a better idea of the causes you want to get involved with and stay tuned for the next week when we are going to continue our series.

PS – if you want to HAVE fun and help a charity at the same time, make sure you play our latest game?


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