A personal top 5 funny mobile games

30th January 2021

Back again, this time with a slightly different post. 

A normal day at HAVE is not really different from any other day in a startup. It is the usual back and forth between how to implement things, what other partners we are bringing onboard, what is on the pipeline for next week and so on. 

The regular day-to-day working life. 

But since we are in the mobile gaming industry, we actually make time to play quite a few mobile games. To relax, to see how others are doing things, but to be honest, sometimes we just want to take our mind off things. 

We are always on the hunt to find the funniest games, the ones that entertain us, make us smile and just give our brain a short break from the hustle we are in. 

Today, we are sharing our top 5 funniest mobile games we HAVE played: 


1. Zombie Catchers ? Hunt the Dead

No. 1 on our list. ?

If we think about all the Hollywood movies and TV shows (at least the ones that I have seen) the scenario is usually this way: you either run or hide from the zombies, maybe try to fight them if you have a gun (and ammo) and if we are not talking about a horde of zombies. To make things better, zombies are never afraid of you, instead they hunt you on a constant basis. 

Not in this game. The main character A.J., is a funny zombie hunter who usually adventures himself in all kinds of swamps to hunt deadly zombies. The game itself has a funny but logical flow, with good graphics and the most engaging part is the way you actually catch the zombies. 

Bait them out from the swamp and catch them one by one using different tactics. All the zombies are squeezed (I know, weird) and the juice is sold. A.J. is entrepreneurial as well, so spend the money wisely!

We will let you discover more, we promise you will get entertained and a bit addicted. ?



2. Angry Gran Run 

? No. 2 is an angry granny, which somehow makes it funny, because when we think about older people, we tend to think they are wise and calm. 

Well, not her, as you can see. 

The main character does not have a name, we do not know why, honestly, what we know for sure is that she has been locked in an asylum and she is not very happy about it. ?

Because she still has a lot of energy, she is planning her escape and we have to help her out. 

The main task of this game is to help guide her through the city.

Tons of obstacles for our granny in her planned escape, engaging graphics and audio, coins and lots of costumes for our character so she can hide from unwanted attention. 

And yes, almost forgot. For some reason, dinosaurs are present in the game. We have no idea why a dinosaur would stop an old lady from escaping the asylum, but who cares because it makes this game even more fun!!

 Help a granny to escape the asylum ?



3. Super Brawl Universe 

And this is my favorite. ?

Do you guys remember the good old days of Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter? With Sub-Zero, Shao Kahn or Mileena?

Two characters, one arena, fight until K.O. This style has been with us since gaming started and it still rocks… at least for us. 

Well, imagine the same scenario with all the Nicktoons heroes in it. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, SpongeBob, Avatar Aang and many more answered the call and they are ready to fight. 

Engaging music, gems and perks in the game, funny fights and just overall very engaging. 

We definitely play at least one fight during our lunch breaks. ⚔️

 Follow the trails ?



4. Angry Birds 

A classic and one could say already somewhat famous. So famous, that there is not just one game, but so many we’ve lost count!

PS – the image is actually of the movie, but the characters are similar looking and the red bird is oh, so angry. And yes, the game’s franchise is so famous that they actually made 2 movies. ?

The game itself is funny from its characters alone, it makes us laugh uncontrollably at the end of each level and it keeps us coming back with great game mechanics. Truth is, at least from our point of view, this game nailed the right amount of funny and addiction. 

It is funny enough to ask yourself “what the heck” from time to time and at the same time, you come back for one more level. 

Fly to your store ?



5. Dumb ways to die

The game song presentation starts with “set fire to your hair, poke a stick out of a grizzly bear, eat medicine that is out of date…” 

Enough to get a pretty decent smile on our faces and make us curious about the game itself. 

The game has a theme song similar to Mario, which gave us flashbacks from the good ol’ days, when the mobile gaming industry was made of simple games like Tetris and Nokia’s Snake, and not worth the tens of billions of dollars that it is today. 

You can customize your character with different choices of hairstyles, accessories and more. 

The gameplay is funny, entertaining and the main task is to help the character avoid different deadly situations. If it sounds a bit boring so far, we promise it is more engaging once you play it, it is kind of hard to explain it in words, but hey, if it made it to our list, then it is a good one. 

Each level presents a different challenge where you pretty much HAVE to avoid death at all costs. 

HAVE it a go and see it for yourself. ?



Bonus: Robbie’s Piano Music Tiles Brain Trainer

Yes, of course, we are going to mention our first game. Nothing wrong with bragging if it is backed up by hard work. 

Capisce? ?

The game itself has a funny storyline, with a robot pianist who used to be the absolute best at playing the piano. Sadly, Robbie got electrocuted one day and burned his visual unit. 

After the robot doctors released him from the hospital he knew that he needs human help so he went to the best places where he can ask for:


Humans promised they will get involved and the goal here is to help Robbie remember all the fine tunes he used to play, by using your memory. Each level is challenging, the screen gets darker and darker and your brain is already engaged, trying to memorize the tunes.

With the entertaining storyline, good graphics and a challenging memory game overall, Robbie’s Piano Music Tiles Brain Trainer is definitely going to make it on our list (and not just ours, haha) and the top charts of Apple or Google Play. 

After Robbie lost his sight, he also promised to raise awareness on blind people issues, so here at HAVE, we partnered up with Sightsavers, and together with Robbie, we are protecting sight and fighting for disability rights. 


50% of our revenue is redirected for Sightsavers and their cause. 

Ok, another week, another blog post or another day, another dollar, I was not so sure what to come up with here, so this is it. 

Stay tuned for more cool content about mobile games and charities. 


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