Robbie is saving the world

31st December 2020

Our final thoughts for 2020 are here.

We think the month of December is different in some way, for all of us. Not just because of Christmas, but because we tend to take a few moments of introspection, to think about the year we left behind and maybe about our life in general. Visualizing what we achieved, how we changed, how we suffered or what HAVE we learned.

Sure, we are told to have this type of introspection from time to time, not just in December or for special occasions because life does not really wait for Christmas unless you live in the UK, it just goes day by day, so stopping all the noise occasionally, just to sit down and review, it might be a good idea.

We have taken some time to review life here at HAVE, we want to share with you some of our deep thoughts, and our bigger picture view on how Robbie is saving the world, in theory, and in practice.

This entire idea of our first mobile game, “Robbie’s Piano Music Tiles Brain Trainer” really revolves around these two notions:

  • our combined contribution to society

Yes, we know it sounds just a little bit counterintuitive, but let us explain, we promise it will make sense.

To entertain you, your friends and your family

We strongly believe that entertainment, making people smile or good ol’ laughing is a big part of life. And it is not just us, but there are countless studies on it. Not taking life so seriously all the time, to crack a joke makes every day living a hell of a lot easier. This comes naturally for some people but most of the time we use technology to keep us entertained. Either TV, comedy shows, games, you name it, we all have our preferences and happy places.

This is where we HAVE chosen to join the party.

We will entertain you, your family and friends with fun, high-quality apps and games that will keep you laughing and discussing all the time, providing you with a small part fo that entertainment you are looking for and hopefully, to put a smile on your face.

As we know already, putting a smile our faces is a big part of life, and we aim to do just that.

Our combined contribution to society

The second concept we focus on is related to our combined contribution to society and the world around us.

See, we strongly think another big part of life is “giving” to the ones around us, the ones who are not as fortunate as we are, or the ones who, for different reasons, that cannot be judged, got lost on the journey of life. But sometimes we either forget or as we mentioned before, we just don’t have the time to care about others, just because life gets in the way.

So we decided to combine these two concepts in one game, “Robbie’s Piano Music Tiles Brain Trainer” to keep you entertained and make it easier for you to contribute.

And how is actually Robbie saving the world?

The practical side.

Robbie the Robot used to be the best piano player in the world, but due to an unfortunate accident, he lost his sight and needs to find a way to remember all the fine tunes he used to play.

This is where we humans can jump in and help him out.

Because Robbie has a good heart and is empathic, he cares about social causes around him. He donates 50% of the revenue from the game to our partner charity, SightSavers, protecting sight around the world and fighting disability rights. On top of donating half of the revenue, we can also donate via our app straight to SightSavers.

The more you play, the more you will automatically give to our partner charity, making a small impact in the day to day life of millions. And if you think that your donation is small or insignificant, have a read about why every little helps (thanks Tescos), in this article.

Having these two in place, a good mix of entertainment and contribution to social causes, we strongly believe that Robbie can make a difference in the world around us.

Ready to help Robbie?


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