The 20-20 Challenge

22nd January 2021

Yaasss, Friday is here. 

HAVE fun, help a charity and entertain yourself, all at the same time ?


Christmas has gone and 2020 is now behind us. We just hope 2021 is going to be kinder to us, but as with most things in life, we just don’t have a clue, and honestly, that is the beauty of life… sort of. In today’s post, we are going to talk about our “20-20 Challenge”.

And if you are wondering what the heck that is, make sure your glasses are on and read along. 

The “20-20 Challenge  is for all of us. ?

This is a challenge to appreciate life more and what has been given to us, the things we take for granted that we often forget about. You know, the simple things in life, like having a coffee in the morning, having a roof over our heads, friends, family and much more. But the thing we want to emphasize, even more, something that we take for granted day by day is having a vision to see the world, literally, being able to see.

According to the World Health Organization, at least one billion people across the world have a near or distance vision impairment that could have been prevented or has yet to be addressed. 

Being able to see what is around us, to physically see our loved ones, to play games and to pick our favourite veggies from the supermarket. We have to admit though, it is hard to be aware of all these things that we take for granted, there seems to be so much stuff to get done all the time, for work, for family and for our lives in general, so we just get trapped in this neverending vortex of doing things, forced by personal goals and society. 

And, unwillingly, we forget to be grateful and appreciate the basic things we have. ?

Being busy with life is not a bad thing, that is what life is about more or less, but at the same time, we do feel that it is mandatory for us to take a break from time to time and spend some time with ourselves. Just appreciate what we HAVE, and work towards what we want to achieve.

This is the “20-20 Challenge. ✊

Our goal is to raise awareness of one of the most basic but fundamental things we HAVE, as “normal” people and to appreciate it more.

We challenge everyone to download our latest game, Robbie’s Piano Music Tiles Brain Trainer and play it for 20 minutes, 1 level a day, for 20 days. As the screen gets more blurry and darker, with each level played, we want everyone to experience just a little bit of what it is like to lose your vision or not to HAVE a vision at all.

Experience vision impairment one minute a day, the equivalent of one level inside the game. ⏱️

Each minute spent in the game helps raise approximately 10p for our partner charity, Sightsavers, protecting sight and fighting for disability rights. By the end of the challenge, you will have raised £2. The more people that play, the more money we can raise for charity. 

As we all know, 2020 was a hard year. Probably one of the hardest some of us will ever face in our lives. 

But 2020 teaches us a lesson that we hope to learn from. We all know by now, history tends to repeat itself.

Isolation made it almost impossible for us to see family, friends, to go out in the parks, it closed down our favourite restaurants and drastically reduced global travel. What we want to outline here is that Covid-19 stole from us the simple things in life. We all felt more isolated, more lonely, but hopefully more introspective. Just like 2020 Covid-19 temporarily stole the simple things in life from us, the “20-20 Challenge” initiated by us, will gradually steal your vision, one minute a day, for 20 days. 

Our best hope after this campaign is that we will become more aware, more kind and appreciate more of the simple things in life that we take for granted. All of this is on a personal level, but if we all take the “20-20 Challenge”, our collective efforts are going to help more people, and donate more to our favourite charities. 

Especially during this festive season which is all about having, giving and receiving. And when we have, give and receive, we want to share about our giving, so others can receive our giving and have for themselves…

When was the last time you did a good deed? ?


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