Why should we all get involved in social causes?

4th October 2020

HAVE you got a sense of who we are from the previous post? ?

We hope you did, but if not, do not stress about it. Just join us on our mission, and we promise you it is going to be worth it. Today, we want to talk about the importance of getting involved and the first thing we want to point out here as a general rule is:

It is crucial to get involved in different initiatives, throughout your lifetime. You might ask “why?” but hold on, we can explain this. ?

Getting yourself out there and involved means creating opportunities for yourself. All kinds of opportunities. Meeting like minded people, career related, maybe meeting your other half, and countless others. You have the control over this, generating the right shots for you and creating your own luck. Of course, it’s not a set in stone rule. It might not work sometimes, or the opportunity might not be right one, but you get the point. Get out there, show the world who you really are and the world is going to notice you and reward you accordingly.

Now, moving closer to our social cause, we HAVE to outline why is it so crucial for each one of us to get involved.

Your contribution is more than enough ?

Yes, no matter how little you contribute with, it is important. No matter the way you contribute, it is important.

Let me tell you why.

I think most of us tell some of these things to ourselves “my contribution is not enough”, “how is £5 going to change anything?” or maybe “two hours of volunteering a week is not going to change a lot”, etc.

But it is not true at all. See, it is not just about you or me or your neighbor, it is not about one individual, never. It is about “us” as a society. You contribute with as little as you can, your friends are doing the same, your relatives are jumping in. Everyone is contributing with as little as they can and together, they are making a difference. When you volunteer two hours every week, you actually volunteer 96 hours a year. Multiply that with the number of people volunteering for a cause, and then you will see the difference.

When 1000 kind people donate £5 each monthly, another cause gets £5000 to work with. You get the point. Sometimes, we fail to look at the bigger picture and just see things zoomed in, with a focus on us. To wrap this up, we are enough and our contribution as individuals is more than enough, always. The sooner we realise this, the better we are going to become.

It has benefits both for you, and the society ?‍?‍?

Helping other people, volunteering, fighting for a cause or just simply getting involved brings satisfaction, joy, humbleness and happiness overall. There are countless studies to back this up, but we rather prefer to confirm them with our own experiences.
Everyone at HAVE contributes to a cause, we are talking about this in interviews with new potential candidates, we are talking about it between us, and we can all confirm this. It makes us more happy, more humble and brings a contagious joy.

On the other hand, no one really gets involved for the benefits and no one is really expecting anything in return for this type of work. Probably that’s when the magic happens.

Because we just do it and it becomes a bit contagious. We meet like minded people, we make new friends, we step outside the comfort zone and we just become better people.

There is nothing to lose, only to gain.

It sets an example for others around you ?

At the first point, we talked about being enough. Your implication is enough, as it is not just about you, it is the power of collective. But besides all these, there is another reason we should all contribute to causes – setting an example for the ones around us.

Cause you see, when you spend time helping others, you will inspire them as well. Besides benefits for the cause and for yourself, you also become an inspiration among your friends.

At the end of the day, that is how some of us got involved in the first place. You see someone doing it, you admire them, you start asking yourself questions and finally, you show up too.

As a challenge for this point, we should all aim to live life as an example. We should all aim to become better persons, as much as we can.

These are just a few reasons why you should get involved in any causes around the world.

The possibilities are endless and the benefits are tremendous, for everyone involved, especially now, when a pandemic is happening, it is our chance to bring something to the table and make our life more meaningful.


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